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Household Moving

Our friendly and personal approach ensures your satisfaction on every move.

Caring, Compassionate Movers

We understand moving is not fun. Our teams take the worry away and ensure your satisfaction
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Business Relocation

We take care of all the planning so you end up in your location hassle free.


Using our unique system will eliminate downtime, save employee expenses, and get settled in faster!

Helpful Moving Information

Move like a PRO! Follow our guidelines and eliminate stress!

Learn helpful moving tips that will ensure a smooth transition in your move.

Follow our Moving Guide and be prepared, speed up your move, and save money!
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Weston Moving

Weston Moving and Storage has built a reputation of being the best movers in South Florida.  Our service is second to none, while our pricing is always up front with no hidden charges.  We pride ourselves on the level of professionalism given on each and every move. Don’t be fooled by impersonators!  Weston Moving and Storage has built such a great reputation that our competition tries to steal our business with false advertising, misleading websites, and even when you call them they answer saying they are “Weston Moving” or our partner!  If you call and can’t speak to Brian, the Owner, you have the wrong Company!  There is only one Weston Moving and Storage!

Weston Moving Professionals

Included with out professionalism, we offer “military style” packing, meaning we pack well above the standard guidelines.  Our teams will pack your entire home, emptying every cupboard, closet, and breakfront, then carefully place the contents into protection, and finally in boxes.  We then label each box with the room name and description of the contents. Moving an office?  You’ve found the right guys!  We have more experience in this than 2 dozen Companies combined!  Ask us for references and details of Government contracts, and you will be impressed! Weston Moving and Storage also has antique handling specialists and crating services available.  Call us for more information!

Weston Moving and Storage moves everything!

Although we listed a bunch of services Weston Moving and Storage offers, we also offer hoisting, moving heavy machinery, printing presses, copiers, drill presses, rigging, tradeshows, and most special product services that only a select few Companies offer in the Nation! Moving a hospital, library, or school?  Maybe a college?  We have done this and can supply references for each!  To date, we have moved over 200 schools, 18 libraries, 4 hospitals (plus many partial moves) and we service several colleges with countless times we helped them!

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Our Reviews

3(based on 6 reviews)
  • Great Service! Marko on 03/31/2016
  • Great job guys! Everything went PERFECT! John Stacy on 03/31/2016
  • Testing your site! Herc Magnus on 04/08/2016
  • Don't use this company ! You will regret it for ever ! Sylvie on 04/11/2016
  • This is the most unprofessional movers. large pieces of furniture were missing . damaged pieces because it was not protected and unprofessional handling of claims. I will take them to court for breach of contract. they deserve minus rating . do not be fooled with false advertisement. latif Nimr on 08/02/2016
  • Worst moving company ever!! Tells you one price and strong arm you into paying more money by not unloading your belongings until you pay an amount you never agreed to. The claim to be pros but the guy leading the crew had to be in his 60s and told the crew not to wrap my furniture even got upset when one of the guys wrapped my brand new dresseer in a blanket he said all it needed was shrink wrap to hold the drawers. The guy told him it would be better protected like this and wouldnt get scratched at that point he walked away upset. Be that as it may that was probably the only piece that wasnt scratched or dented. They stacked my dishes up and broke several of them as a former navy man and having moved a bunch i know this wasnt a military style pack. This was the reason i hired them because the pack military style yet no boxes were matked and instead of packing my dishes right side up they stacked them one on top of the other. To be sure Brian is a con artist and a liar and its a crime the way he maliciously intends to lie to you and refuses to answer his phone the moment theres a problem and you need to speak to him scam artist at his best run fast!!!!!! Sam smith on 08/15/2016

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