Moving and Packing Tips

In most cases, we will help you with or handle all of your packings. Careful packing is one of the most critical aspects of the moving process. We recommend that you plan ahead as much as possible to minimize costs and time. Start by taking a careful inventory of what you’ll be moving and identify the items which you will need up until moving day. Then, begin by packing less essential items first such as out of season clothing, china, rugs, etc. first.

best moving tips

Extraordinary Value Items

valuable item packing

All stocks, bonds, currency, certificates, jewelry, furs, coins, stamps, negotiable insurance, policies, valuable papers or certificates should not be packed for transit in a moving vehicle. You should transport these items yourself, or make an arrangement to transport them via another method that is secure.

Using Newspaper for Wrapping

newspaper wrapping

We typically don’t recommend utilizing newspaper for packing materials. Newspaper ink can have a tendency to rub off on everything it touches and it can be virtually impossible to remove newsprint stains from fine china. We recommend your using other materials than newsprint, such as towels, linens, or commercial packing materials.

Labeling Materials

packing labeling

Always use the heaviest marking materials you can find to ensure your labeling can be easily read, with the names of major items listed for easy identification on the receiving end. Mark individual boxes on the top, bottom, and all sides if they are fragile and draw arrows on the sides to indicate which side should be placed up (ex: “This End Up”).


Wrap small appliances in packing materials and securely tape the bottom of the box carefully. Be sure to add a layer of packing materials at the bottom.

  •  Be sure to check the owner’s manual for packing instructions for larger appliances.
  •  Make sure the inside and outside of all appliances are clean.
  •  Stuff the inside of larger appliances with towels or linens.
  •  Make sure all parts of appliances that could come loose are taped down securely.

Art, Antiques, and Collectibles

art pies packing tips

Please let us know ahead of time if you plan to move fragile antiques, art or collectibles items so we can build a custom wood crate based on your exact specifications and dimensions. Also, disclosure of high valued items should be done when requesting an estimate to ensure proper pricing and protection, insurance, etc. If you are packing these items separately by yourself, they should be treated like plates and crystal – wrap each item individually and make sure you pad the sides of all boxes carefully and label as fragile.

Kitchenware: Plates, Glassware and Crystal

glassware packing way

Wrap all of these items individually and then bundle three or four together and stand on end in the carton. Never lay them flat. Use the larger and heavier items as the bottom layer of the box and add crumpled paper or other materials as a cushioning between each individual layer.

  • Cups and glasses should go on top of a box, rim down and individually wrapped.
  • Never put glassware inside of another piece and, if extremely fragile, pack in a smaller carton and then in a large one with cushioning all around.
  • Be sure to label all boxes as fragile.


Always pack books upright to maintain their integrity, with bound ends alternating and in small boxes only.


best way to pack cloths

Clothing can be either packaged in a wardrobe box which is good for suits, dress shirts, coats, jackets, belts, ties, and shoes … or it can be folded and carefully placed in a carton, plastic bin, suitcase or trunk.


packed in lampshed

If it is possible to take your furniture apart to minimize size and to make it easier to move, then do so. Make sure to secure all bolts, screws and/or miscellaneous hardware in a small zip lock bag that is taped to the furniture.

  • Lamp bases should be wrapped, cushioned and packed in dish-pack cartons.
  • Lampshades should be packed singly inappropriately sized cartons and cushion these loosely.

Computers and Electronic Equipment

packing computer and electronics products

Stereo components and electronic equipment should be treated as extremely fragile – ideally, you should pack these items in the original boxes that contained the equipment. If this is not possible, then carefully wrap each individual item and utilize a box within a box packing method to ensure the equipment is protected properly.

Mirrors, Framed Art, Marble, and Glass Tops, Pictures

how to pack mirors

Please let us know ahead of time if you plan to move these types of items so we can build a custom wood crate based on your exact specifications and dimensions for each separate piece. All of these items should be carefully packed in picture-mirror cartons unless they are very small. Make sure you label all boxes as “extremely fragile” and you add sufficient packing material around the sides.

Items That Should Not Be Packed

Do not pack paints, turpentine, pressurized cans, or corrosive items like bleach or any items that could be flammable in liquid or semi-solid form. All movers are prohibited specifically from handling flammable items. Restricted items include:

  • Ammunition and firearms of any type
  • Bottle gas, propane, etc.
  • Any flammable explosives, corrosives, cleaning fluids or paint thinners
  • Motor oils or fuels of any type
  • Nail polish remover
  • Aerosol cans, bleach or Sterno containers
  • Matches or any type of fire accelerant