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Clearwater Beach Piano Movers

Piano Movers
Moving a piano by yourself can be very difficult, and may result in damage to the piano, and/or an in-experienced “mover”. We advise you hire professionals to move these instruments. At Weston Moving and Storage, we have many years of piano moving experience, and understand the the proper steps to take in order to get your piano moved safely .

Weston Moving and Storage: Piano Movers in Clearwater Beach

We are full service piano movers with years of combined experience who move any and every type of piano. This includes spinet pianos, upright pianos, player pianos, baby grand pianos, and grand pianos. Making sure the piano is moved in a way that avoids damaging bumps and scrapes, is a piano mover’s second most important task. Any professional piano mover worth their salt will have special tools for the job: like a piano dolly (a heavy duty 4-wheeled dolly with uni-directional wheels that can support a piano’s weight) and a piano board (a long board that the piano is strapped to for the purpose of moving the piano).

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Even though there are some parts of the relocation process you can finish on your own, moving a piano without professional guidance and assistance is not advisable. In order to avoid the risk of damaging the instrument, or even worse – getting injured by hauling this heavy item, we invite you to contact our Weston Moving and Storage team. We have prepared some of the most trusted piano movers Clearwater Beach, FL is offering to make sure both you and your beloved instrument go through the relocation without a scratch.

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We are Clearwater Beach, FL specialist movers for a number of large items like pianos. Book our piano movers service today. We have an experienced team that is available now to relocate your piano. Moving a piano is no mean feat so we take care to make sure we protect yours and have an experienced team ready to go. We provide our services across the whole of the Clearwater Beach, FL area. Our trusted team can remove and transport your piano safely so make the right choice and contact us today. Doesn’t matter what style, whether it’s a grand piano, an upright, a forte, spinet, console, studio ,baby grand ,concert grand, parlor grand, electric or an organ we have experience moving them all.

We are bonded, licensed, and insured movers in Clearwater Beach, FL. Our employees are directly employed by Weston Moving and Storage to provide you with the high quality piano moving services you need when transporting your family baby grand piano, spinet or harpsichord.

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Another important aspect of a successful piano move is having the right tools to complete the job, especially if stairs are involved. As a professional piano moving company, Weston Moving and Storage utilizes the best tools and equipment to get your piano from Point A to Point B without a scratch. If we find that a crane is the only way to get the piano into or out of your house, we will give you an estimate and talk you through the hoisting and moving process. Otherwise, our trucks have all of the specialty equipment for proper piano moving already on board!

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When it comes to moving a beautiful grand piano, don’t use just any moving company! Instead, put your trust in the careful services of Weston Moving and Storage. We offer competitive PRICEs, free quotes, and exceptional customer services, so give us a call at 954-349-1916 today!

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Clearwater Beach Piano Movers
Clearwater Beach Piano Movers
Clearwater Beach Piano Movers