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Moving is a young person’s game and you did your share already. There’s more than enough work sorting through things and getting packed up. You spent a lifetime collecting precious memories, how do you find senior movers who know how to carry your belongings carefully. You need some senior movers with muscle in their arms and backs, not between their ears. It would be a Venice
bonus if they listened to you, took things in order and put things where you want them in your new home. You also don’t want to drive a big box moving truck. Your senior moving service should come with all the equipment they need to safely and swiftly move all your items from small and delicate to big, heavy and awkward. They should be able to move your furniture, appliances and boxes without breaking them or damaging the home you’re leaving or the home you’re moving to. Weston Moving and Storage makes your move easy with highly trained, professional senior moving solutions. Their skilled senior movers are respectful of you and your items, offering an exceptional experience for a PRICE that won’t break the bank.

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Senior Moving services are highly regulated by the state, unlike using a friend’s grandson. Weston Moving and Storage is a licensed and bonded senior moving company with a grade A Rating from the Better Business Bureau. Because of State regulations senior moving companies that comply with the law will charge about the same PRICE for a moving job, but the service sets them apart. As a proud member of the American Moving & Storage Association, Weston Moving and Storage’s goal is to provide the best moving service in the United States.

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Weston Moving and Storage is happy to provide an estimate of what your move will cost in advance and by asking the right questions upfront they make that estimate as accurate as possible. If it’s large, heavy or costly to replace you need a senior moving company so that your belongings are covered by their insurance during transport. Weston Moving and Storage will bring padding and shrink wrap to protect the items they’re moving from scratches, dings or breakage. Their training includes safe transportation of awkward and heavy items in a way that prevents damage to walls and doors.

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These senior movers are also conscious of space and time to maximize the load in their moving truck for efficient use and so it won’t shift in transport. Experienced senior movers like you get from Weston Moving and Storage can take that a door off its hinges or disassemble an item. Rest assured that if they take it apart they’ll put it back together. Plus, because of their commitment to transparency they have no hidden fees. Everything is included in their hourly rate, so no need to pay more for stairs, bulky items, mileage, assemble or packing/unpacking.

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If your boxes are all packed and taped shut, your move will go faster, which saves you some money, but your senior movers have no problem helping you pack. Maybe you need moving supplies delivered in advance. Weston Moving and Storage is happy to bring boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc. to you so you can start your move. It’s all about whatever you would find helpful. Or maybe you’re just relocating some items within your home that are too big or heavy to do by yourself. Items like curio cabinets, hutches, grandfather clocks and pianos need to care when moving.

Being safe is our top priority. We make sure all your items are protected with moving blankets, protective wrap, and handled with care when loaded properly into the moving truck and/or pod.

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In Deland, FL professional senior moving service PRICEs are regulated at state level. With that said, we save you money by having No Hidden Fees. That means No Fuel Fees, No Arrival Fees, and No Weight Fees. Hiring a professional moving company and taking advantage of the tips in this video will help make moving day more smooth. If you are looking for simple ways to improve your moving experience, and then contact us to schedule your FREE Estimate.

Deland Senior Movers
Deland Senior Movers
Deland Senior Movers