Are you moving to a new house down the street or even across the city? When you are looking to move, hiring experienced and professional residential movers are the best way to go to make sure all your items arrive safe and sound in your new place. Some of the most frequently asked questions that people looking to move have, should be addressed to make sure you have all the information before your move. That way moving day will run more smoothly…

  • Who packs all my boxes? Do I do It myself or does the moving company?
  • Do I have to wrap my own furniture? Or purchase materials for that?
  • Can I leave all my clothing and items in drawers?
  • Do I need to follow behind the truck to the new location?

Who packs all my boxes?

You pack all your own boxes in most cases. This includes all of your personal belongings like clothing, books, mugs, plates, etc. Make sure that you wrap things carefully and don’t overfill the boxes with, for example, books as they are very heavy and can cause the boxes to break. Make sure you don’t leave any excess space in the boxes because this will cause them to get dented and again could damage your things.

Now I did say, ‘most cases’ above because most moving companies do offer a service where they will literally pack everything up for you. This, however, tends to be a very expensive added service so most people opt to pack their own items. But the service is available if that is something you wanted so you can save time/the hassle.

Do I wrap My Own Furniture?

No. The moving company will take care of wrapping all of your larger items. They will also use furniture blankets that are made of a heavier and more durable blanket-like material that keeps items from getting scratched or dirty during the moving process.

Can I Leave All My Clothing or Other items in Dresser Drawers?

Yes, you can leave items like clothing or linens in drawers if the furniture is sturdy. If you have a ready to assemble item (think Ikea) most movers recommend taking the items out. Also don’t leave jewelry or small items in drawers as they can slip through cracks more easily or shift around in the drawers and break. Items such as books should not be left on shelves or in drawers as the weight of them is too much and can damage the furniture itself.

Do I Need to Follow Behind the Moving Truck to my new location?

Since we are talking about local moves, you can follow behind the truck to your new location. Either way you need to arrive either before or at the same time as the movers at your new location to let them in.

Hopefully, this little Q&A has helped answer some questions you may have about residential moves! is the best place to find reputable local movers anywhere in the USA. Using our quick and easy Calculate Your Move tool is the quickest way to finding the best movers today!

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