How To Wrap Your Valuable Products!

Wall Hangings

Tell your agent about valuable paintings for special care. Wrap small mirrors, pictures, paintings, and frames and place on edge in cartons. Place large pictures and paintings on edge in heavy cardboard containers. Large wall or dresser mirrors will be taken down by the movers and wrapped appropriately for moving. For added safety, place tape diagonally across mirror to protect better against damage. Do not place newspaper directly against paintings.

Clocks – Pendulums on clocks should be removed or secured tightly to the base of the clock. Small clocks may be wrapped and placed in boxes.

Mirrors – For storage or long distance moving, they must be properly packed for safe handling, whether it be in a box or crated. Wall mirrors will be removed by the movers, if they are not fastened to the walls. Mirrors will not be installed on walls. Mirrors will not be installed on walls at the new residence. Mirror tops on furniture will be taken off and replaced at the destination.

Paintings-Pictures – Small pictures can be safely placed between the folds of blankets or pillows in drawers or cartons. Large and valuable pictures and paintings must be padded, wrapped and/or crated for moving.

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