Moving one from home to another is usually physically, mentally and emotionally draining.

This requires packing all ones belongings for either storage or shipping. Of course, there is the matter of saying goodbye to friends and associates and advising the relevant institutions of your impending move. What is even more stressful is the idea of entrusting all your belongings to strangers who will move them on your behalf.

The truth is that there are ways to minimize the level of stress you and your family may experience during this time. As such, here are a few tips that you should keep mind.

1. Call real estate agents to obtain the names of three movers that have offices in your town or city. Make arrangements with your moving company way in advance of the moving date. In this way, you can avoid not being able to use reputable companies because they are already booked out.

2. Obtain critical information about the moving companies that you have shortlisted. This includes legal company name, address, Department of Transport (DOT) and MC license numbers, length of time in business and telephone number(s).

3. Get information about the company’s reputation and track record. You may get feedback from friends or associates who have previously used the service, online services for customer complaints or ask the moving company to provide customer referrals.

4. Visit the company’s office and verify that they are legitimate business operators. You should take the time to look at their storage facility, equipment and trucks. You may use the license numbers from the trucks to do further research.

5. Ensure that a moving company representative visits your house to conduct an in-house estimate. Choose at least three (3) prospective companies and have each representative visit your house. In this way, you may compare and discuss pricing and services.

6. Make sure that you are given a copy of ‘Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move’ booklet. The law requires that moving companies provide this booklet to their customers. If this is not provided then the company may not be above board.

7. Quotations for moving items is usually based on weight so do not hire a moving company who wishes to charge based on space or cubic feet.

8. Do not sign blank paperwork. You should ensure that you read the document carefully especially the fine print. If possible, you may ask your lawyer to review the document on your behalf.

9. Find out the level of insurance coverage that the mover has including coverage for workers and your property.

10. Discuss and determine how the moving will be done, that is, if you require a full service mover or loading and haulage only. Ascertain if the moving company will be subcontracting the services. You will want to avoid this arrangement as sometimes it is difficult to ascribe liability if something should go wrong.

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You can make your moving experience less strenuous through research and careful planning.
In short, moving requires you to have knowledge about the process and be smart in your execution. The tips provided will assist you in achieving this goal.