Professional Miami Packing Services!

WESTON MOVING provides complete packing services. We will come to your home and pack everything from your fine china to your toothbrush. The charges for packing are determined by the number of cartons packed. Our professional packers can complete your packing quickly and efficiently, usually in a day or less due to their training and experience. In addition, your home stays attractive and useful up to the day you move.

Please keep in mind when you are making the decision to do your own packing, anything the customer packs is not covered by insurance. Whereas, when the professional packs for you, the chances for damage to your precious possessions are dramatically reduced and those items are insured.

All fragile, small and loose articles must be packed for moving. Mirrors, pictures, paintings along with marble, glass, and slate should be properly prepared and packed for moving.

When the mover completes your packing, put aside cooking utensils, food, toiletries, or anything else you will need up to the last minute. We will leave a carton to pack these.


In the event you choose to do your own packing, we have a complete inventory of cartons and packing materials to suit your needs. Arrangements to purchase your supplies can be made by calling to place an order or by fax. We will be glad to schedule delivery to your home.

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