Preparing Your Plants!


Preparing Your Plants
Plants are very sensitive to heat and lack of fresh air, just like any other living organism. Extreme temperatures and no circulation can harm a plant. If you’re moving to a location where your plants will be trapped for an excessive period of time, we recommend you move your plants in a climate-controlled environment such as your car.

If you feel comfortable with your plants being moved, here are some tips to help with their safety and freshness:

3 Weeks Before Moving Day
Plants should be moved to unbreakable containers, such as a plastic pot. Make sure the pot you choose is large enough to accommodate your plant.

2 Weeks Before Moving Day
Prune your plants. This will help with your plant’s health and make it easier for packing.

1 Week Before Moving
Treat your plants for insects. Be cautious to read the warning labels for each type of pesticide before treating, to make sure they are not harmful. We also recommend wrapping your plant in a plastic bag, like a trash bag. This will keep new insects from visiting. Keep this bag in a cool, dry place.

2 Days Before Moving
Water your plants with an adequate amount. Be careful not to over water though, for excessive water could get messy.

Moving Day
Pack your plant in a box that you feel comfortable with. If you do not have a box, your mover may be able to assist you with one. Mark this box accordingly so we know how to handle the box. Make sure this plant is secure in the box, using paper to hold it in place. Make sure the box is ventilated. Poke holes in the top or small slits so your plant can breathe!

Rules & Regulations Regarding Plants
Florida, like other states, has strict restrictions regarding the movement of plants. In certain cases, inspections are even required. Check with your Dept of Agriculture or Dept of Natural Resources to find out local rules of both where you are moving from and the final destination.

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