Appliances Packing Services in South Florida


Electric powered appliances can most likely be unplugged for moving. If an item is wired directly into the home, an electrician may be required. For gas powered items, special care may be required as well. Contact your manufacturer to determine what type of precautions are necessary. Many times the prep work may need to be done in advance.

These appliances must be completely defrosted one or two days prior to moving. They should be dried and aired to avoid musty odor. Safety of contents cannot be guaranteed so it is best to empty your freezer and plan meals that will use up perishable contents. Check with your service man to be sure the motor is bolted, if necessary.

Defrost and thoroughly dry your refrigerator before moving. This is very important. The doors should be left open several hours to air after defrosting. All pans, trays, crispers, shelves or removable parts should be removed and wrapped separately. Have your refrigerator serviced. Motor may have to be bolted down before moving. Do not plug it in at the new home until it has been unbolted.

Stoves –
Most people leave their ranges/stoves for sale with their home, but under certain circumstances we are asked to move these items. The staff at WESTON MOVING is fully qualified to move these, but notice in advance is required. Special prepping must be made to ensure safety.

Washers/Dryers –
In most cases, no special prep work is required, unless the unit is gas powered. If you are moving your dryer, make sure all necessary vents are in tact and double check the type of outlet that is at your new home. Not all outlets are the same for dryers! Also, measure the opening where you plan to place your washer and dryer, and determine that water lines are run for your washer.

Dishwashers –
These can be moved, but special installation may be required at your new home. No special packing is required to move a dishwasher, however it is recommended that the unit be drained and unhooked prior to the mover to arrive.

Small appliances –
Clean your appliances thorough before moving to prevent excessive fluids from leaking. Any small appliances can be wrapped in print less paper and placed into a box. This will help the performance of the move.

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