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It is desirable for a WESTON MOVING & STORAGE representative to come to your home and give you a moving and packing estimate. Following your decision to relocate you should contact us to make an appointment with an estimator at least 6 weeks in advance of your desired moving date. The estimator can give an approximate idea of the cost involved and answer any questions you may have. An estimate is especially important if access to your property is difficult or if you think there may be a problem with extraordinarily large pieces of furniture or if you have items that require special handling and care. Show the estimator EVERYTHING that you are planning to have packed and moved. The estimator bases the approximate cost on what you show and discuss with him/her. The estimate is not the actual cost. All charges will be based on the actual time involved, the actual weight, the actual packing, and/or whatever is applicable. Remember that the estimator will only see the house from where you are moving. There are potential circumstances that the estimator may not be aware of such as a spiral staircase, elevators, inability to get the truck up the driveway, and so on. Weather conditions can also cause unexpected delays. These problems could effect your actual charges. Make the estimator aware of anything you know of that can affect your move. We at WESTON MOVING & STORAGE understand that not everyone has the same schedule, so we designed an online estimate.

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Weston Moving & Storage : The Premier Service Provider Of Moving And Storage Services In South Florida

Change is the only constant in life. As much as many of us dislike change, we all know, it will occur. This includes the change of residency. Among the many changes that people can go through, Moving your residence can be tough, hard and often, unbearable. Some of the main reasons that people become irritated with moving are things like how to pack and move your belongings to the new residence. This is for good reason as the daunting task of moving items from one place to another cannot be understated. It is a mountain climb!

However, for residents of South Florida, this need not be the case when you are moving. There is always the option of calling upon Weston Moving & Storage professional personnel to aid you in your moving endeavor.

Weston Moving & Storage–Services

Weston Moving & Storage is a family run company that has served members of South Florida since 1999. In that period, the company has accrued a reputation for being professional, trustworthy and a provider of value for money services. These qualities guide the company and its personnel in every single thing that they embark on. Every move, big or small, near or far is handled with the respect it deserves, all to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the quality of services.

To set this company apart, our personnel work to ensure that the very best is given in every job and service they provide. The services they offer include:

Packing Unpacking And Packing Materials) – While packing may seem like an easy enough task to handle on your own, there are inherent complexities that many people usually overlook. One of many such factors include matters of efficiency in packing. Packing is not just a matter of putting things into a box. You need to consider which method is the best so as to ensure efficiency.

Weston Moving & Storage personnel have been trained and are vastly experienced in packing. With these traits, they offer very high-quality services. They pack item with military precision, superseding set guideline and standards of quality. It is important to note that there packing services come with insurance cover. In this regard, anything that they park is insured, thus protecting the client.

If you do intend to use Weston Moving & Storage for packing, the company is a great source of packing materials. They have an inventory of all the packing materials that you would require.

Relocation – After packing, the personnel is equipped with the technical know-how and skills of loading packed boxes and cartons to moving trucks and moving the items to your new residence. This is usually the case for any local move. However, if you are moving on a global scale, this company can make arrangement for your items to be shipped to your final destination.

After moving your belongings to your new residence, the unpacking job awaiting anyone who shifts residents is daunting. Weston Moving & Storage personnel can reduce this burden to the minimum by helping you unpack and arrange your house.

Home Rearranging – Weston Moving & Storage personnel can also be contracted to help homeowners rearrange their belongings within the house.

Other specialty services that Weston Moving & Storage can handle includes but is not limited to moving of heavy machinery, businesses, and tradeshows.

What To Expect From Weston Moving & Storage

The Personnel at Weston Moving & Storage have been trained to offer professional services that are second to none. You can expect efficient, courteous Movers


Imitation is the highest form of flattery and an indication that one is excelling in their business. In the case of Weston Moving & Storage, there are many companies that have been imitating them, right to their name. However, there is only one Weston Moving & Storage. Contracting the right company will ensure you receive their famed services.

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