Miscellaneous Packing Service In Miami FL

Books- Books should be packed in small, strong, securely tied cartons. They should be placed cover to cover, altering bindings to prevent the pages from becoming interlocked and damaged. Wrap valuable books individually. Do Not pack books in furniture drawers or leave them in portable bookshelves or bookcases.

Bric-A-Brac –
Wrap separately and pack in cartons, boxes or barrels. Cushion well with white paper. Pack largest and heaviest items in bottom of box. Do not pack over the edge of container.

Canned Goods –
Pack upright in small, sturdy cartons. Do not pack beyond the limit of portability, not over 50 pounds to each container. Approximately 24 cans should be ample.

China –
Wrap china and all fragile objects in paper individually. Large plates and heavy pieces should be placed on the bottom of the container, on edge, smaller plates, cups, and saucers toward the top of the container. Plates and dishes should be placed in a vertical position with pads of paper in between. Recommended-3” of paper on the bottom of the barrel or carton and 2” of paper in between layers. Do not pack above edge of container.

Glassware –
Stemware and glassware should be wrapped individually and placed in barrels or placed in the top of china containers. Do Not nest unwrapped glasses in each other. Place wrapped glassware right side up, not on their sides.

Jewelry –
Keep valuable jewelry in your immediate possession.

Kitchen Utensils–
Kitchen utensils should be clean and placed in cartons or barrels. Durable, heavy pieces on the bottom, light ones on the top with each piece padded against dents, chipping or scratching. Toasters, irons, waffle irons, mixers, etc. may be wrapped individually and placed in cartons with other kitchen utensils.

Lamp Shades–
Wrap in white, clean tissue paper only, place in cartons, mark “Fragile”. Do not use newsprint. They may be nested but do not pack them so as to tear lining or puncture parchment shades.

It is not necessary to remove rugs from floors. Our men will do this for you. They will be rolled to avoid crushing. If they are to be stored, have them cleaned. Tacks should be removed from carpeting before our movers arrive.

Silverware –
Leave in original containers or wrap in cloth or low sulphur-content paper, or tissue and pack in boxes. Place padding in silver chests to prevent moving and scratching.

Valuables –
Legal documents, all important papers, jewels, and currency should be handled by you personally. Keep them in your immediate possession.

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