Weston Movers Tools Packing Services

Barbecue Grills and Propane Tanks –
Wrap grates and briquettes separately in a newspaper (or place all briquettes into a grocery bag) and place parts in carton. Pad carton with paper to reduce movement of contents. Propane tanks are non-allowable. Consult your local gas grill distributor for the safest method.

Mowers and Gasoline Powered Tools –
Gas tanks should be drained and oil reservoirs emptied. No flammable mixtures or articles may be transported on public carriers.

Tools –
If they are valuable, wrap separately. Tools, as a rule, can be put into strong cartons without wrapping individually.

Lawn and Garden Equipment 
We have found that items such as rakes, shovels, brooms, etc… fit the best in your trash can standing up. Always keep sharp edges of tools pointing into the trash can to ensure safety. This is the most efficient way to move your items, and it keeps any dirt on the tools from getting onto your other items. If a trash can is not available, ask your mover for alternate options to transport these items.

Tool Boxes 
If the tool box is small and light enough to fit into a box, it can be placed in there. Many times drill boxes and such can be placed with other similar boxes into one larger box, which makes your move much more organized and allows you to find your items easier at a later date. Larger tool boxes, such as ones on wheels, should be locked so the drawers do not open. If the tool box is not overloaded, the tools can stay in there. If the tool box is overloaded, start by emptying it from the top until the weight is satisfactory to move.

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