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Broward County Consumer Affairs offers information on every licensed Moving Company, including any complaints that are placed. This information can be obtained by calling 954-765-5350 or visiting 115 S. Andrews Ave. Annex Room A460, Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33301. You can also visit the Better Business Bureau on the web at or by calling 954-432-4900. Weston Movers take pride in our outstanding reputation and excellent service.
Although gratuity is not mandatory, it is a generous form of appreciation for the men and a way of thanking them for caring for your belongings. Our men put an extra strive in handling your life with the hopes of this form of appreciation in return. A standard gratuity amount is 10-15% of the entire move price for the crew to split.
No, our estimates are all inclusive rates. The only way you may see additional charges are if additional services are required, and even then we offer quotes up front.
Every Moving Company in the State of Florida must be licensed with not only with the State, but Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade Counties are required to obtain an additional license in order to operate. Weston Movers insurance limits exceed the minimum requirements as well.
The State of Florida mandates every Moving Company to offer a standard $0.60 per pound per article. This means, if you have a dresser that weighs 100 pounds and it gets damaged in any way, our liability is $60.00 that is placed toward the repair or replacement of this piece. If you have any items that are of extreme value, we encourage you to check with your estimator about costs to raise the liability limits for that/those specific piece(s). The peace of mind you get is worth it!

Although Weston Movers wrap all of your furniture fortransportation, there is still the chance of rain damage to your goods. We will try to protect your goods from rain to the best of our ability, but we cannot guarantee we will succeed 100%. If the rain starts to come down too hard, we will have no choice but to hold off, not only for your items’ safety, but the safety of our crew as well. Weston Movers offer 15 minutes of waiting time at no additional charge, then if the rain continues we must explore our options to complete the move. This can be discussed with your estimator.

Weston Movers offer all types of materials for your next move, ranging from boxes, to mattress bags, even markers! Our prices are competitive, we offer free delivery, and will even take back any boxes that are not used and credit you the difference. Click here to view a list of materials offered.
Yes, we offer both short term and long term storage for all of our customers. Our 7,000 square foot warehouse is fully climate controlled. We offer state of the art storage options and reasonable prices.

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