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Drawers in Furniture– Articles such as blankets, cushions, pillows, and clothing may be left in drawers. Do not pack heavy items in dresser, bureau, server, or buffet drawers. NEVER leave liquids, breakables or firearms in drawers.

Cribs– Your crew is fully trained to take all cribs apart as well as reassemble them at the other end. If you prefer to do this yourself, take the time to read the owners manual prior to starting. Make any notes you feel will help put the crib back together. If a crib is not assembled according to manufacturers’ specifications, it may not be safe.

Leather Items– Because of the quality of leather, WESTON MOVING takes extra precautions to move these pieces. We prefer to wrap in plastic first. This gives your belongings an extra layer of protection from scratching or rubbing. If you choose to prep your belongings prior to moving day, we recommend you wrap all leather in this fashion as well. We would be happy to supply you with this plastic upon request.

Assembly/Disassembly– It is standard practice to include all disassembly and reassembly of your items into our estimates. We do not charge anything extra. Our staff is fully qualified to do this service the same way the manufacturer would handle it. Keep in mind, if you do this on your own, it will save time and ultimately cost less money to complete your move.

Placement of Furniture– At your new home, WESTON MOVING goes a step further than just moving. We help make your house a home as much as we can. All furniture is placed to your liking, and even double-checked with you before we leave to ensure you don’t have to move anything on your own once we are gone.

Wardrobe Boxes– These handy boxes make relocating a closet safe, efficient, and clean. Wardrobe boxes are large boxes with a bar similar to your clothes rack that is designed to hang your clothes. Wardrobes will hold approximately 25 hangers depending upon the size of garments. Your clothing will reach you clean and wrinkle-free. For storage, clothing should be cleaned. Small clothing articles pack nicely in suitcases, boxes or trunks. Remember to order wardrobe cartons in advance to ensure the moving truck has enough to hold all of your clothes!

Grandfather Clocks– Remove chimes. Secure weight chains tightly against the base of the clock with wire or strong string and remove weights and pendulums. If it is going a long distance, call a reputable clock man to prepare the works against damages.

Lamps– Wrap lamp bases after removing the light bulb and any hardware that may cause damage. Wrap lamp shades in paper or with a pillow case (do not use newspaper, as the print will mark the shade). Line the bottom of the box with crumpled paper and lease two inches of empty space between the sides of the carton and the lamp shade. Pack lamp shades in separate cartons

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