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Remove ornamental tops and put in a safe place…one you will remember. Small lamps must be wrapped and placed in cartons for safe moving.

Stereos should be packed in a box with white paper surrounding it for cushion. The padding should not be too firm but moderate enough to secure the stereo from shock.

Television Sets:
Some sets require that they be checked before moving. Some color TV’s must be serviced both before and after moving. TV’s do not need to be boxed. Our crew will gladly wrap and move them at no additional charge.

Make backup copies of all your files. Store the backup disk with your original program disks and keep in a secure container. Remove any floppy diskettes from the drives and insert the cardboard disk or an old floppy disk into the drive and close the drive door. To prepare your hard disk, make sure the recording heads are parked for transport. When automatic “park and lock” systems are powered down, the disk automatically retracts the recording heads from the data area into a safety zone. Some computer systems require that you run a program to activate the park procedure. IBM and most hard-disk clones include the program SHIPDISK.EXE, which parks the heads. The hard disk becomes “unparked” once you turn the computer back on. Once your hard drive is secure, turn off the system and remove all cables from the back of the unit. When possible, you should always pack your computer in the box that it came in. If you don’t have the original box, ask the mover to provide you with the proper packing materials and container. Don’t take chances with a less sturdy container.

Pack it in its original box. Remove ink cartridges from laser printers. If you are moving a pin printer, insert a piece of paper in the platen to secure the print head.

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