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Congratulations on your decision in choosing Weston Movers for your upcoming move! You just took the first step toward a stress free, no hassle day. Listed below is a description of our standard services, along with a couple of forms that are required to be signed prior to us starting a move. Below you will find a packet that each of our customers are asked to download, fill out, and send in to us prior to the move date. Although some sections do not pertain to every customer, please fill in what does and leave the other parts blank. If you have any problems downloading this packet or questions about filling it out, do not hesitate to call us and we can walk you through. Our goal is to be prompt, courteous, and professional at all times: while providing each and and every customer with the personal attention and quality service that will make their move organized and stress-free. We not only want to be the best moving company, we want to be your moving company!

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Weston Movers | Mistakes To Avoid When Looking For a moving company

If you are relocating and would like to hire Weston Movers, it is important that you are careful during the process. The last thing you want to do is end up doing business with a company you are not satisfied with. Here are mistakes you should avoid along the way if you want to have a decent experience.

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