When we file through our inventory of domestic home appliances it is not unusual to find all types of gadgets that make maintaining the home easy and convenient. One of such gadget that can always be found in the kitchen or at any conveniently suitable spot in the house is the washing machine. This gadget comes in various sizes and types but with the primary function of cleaning plates, cups, cutlers, and washing apparels. Although this machine is robust and rugged it must be handled with care when planning to travel with it to a new location so that it does not end up being damaged in transit.

Washing machines just like every other electronic item in the house require special care and maintenance. Logistic companies have trained teams who normally handle the evacuation of such equipment to other locations so it is wise to entrust its handling to them.

First, you disconnect the washing machine from the main electrical source so that you do not risk an electric shock and then proceed to detach all the hose supplying water and serving as conduit to drain out used liquid detergent from the machine. On completion of this procedure you clean and dry up all the machine’s accessory wrapping them up in a plastic bag before securing them in the washing drum of the machine so that you do not misplace or lose them. Usually it is expected that there will be at least some quantity of water remaining in the machine form previous use and it is advised that the machine be tilted forward in the direction of the drum’s entrance so that this remaining fluid can be drained out. However in the case of more advanced and automated machines you only need to extract this fluid from a conduit specially built for this purpose.

electronic item moving

Electronic Item Moving

When transporting the machine it is desirable to pad the machine underneath with some absorbents or towel so that any liquid flowing from the machine does not spill and spoil other materials. The ideal position for transit is in the upright position but if there are issues with space and the machine needs to be positioned in another manner then it should lie on its back. The danger in this position is that water may sip into the electrical unit of the machine there by spoiling it or causing electric shock during usage.

On getting to your destination the machine should have all detached parts carefully fitted back when a suitable position in the house has been discovered. It is advisable to look out for unusual operations from the machine as malfunction could occur from wrong handling of the equipment not to talk less of leakages resulting from ill fitted conduit pipes. As a precaution to this kind of situation getting an experienced technician to handle all detachments and re installation is always ideal because an inexperienced hand could unwittingly cause damages in the process of packing to move out.