Moving into a new home is an exciting time, albeit there is quite a lot of work to accomplish before relocating. But even before you contact a moving company in your area, you should make sure that your future home is in top shape by doing a thorough inspection. Even if you have to move in a hurry or you are in love with the new home’s outer appearance, don’t be too quick to sign that lease. Instead you should take the time to carefully inspect every nook and cranny of the new home making sure that you identify all the problems to the previous homeowner or landlord so that they can get them fixed before moving in day.

One of the first things that you should do when viewing your prospective new home is to check the light switches and outlets to see if there are any problems with them. You really do not have to be an electrician to know that hanging wires and flickering mean there is electrical problems somewhere. You should also check out the windows in every aspect of the house just to ensure that they are all in working condition. Make sure that they open and close without much pulling and tugging; also make sure that they are not painted shut.

Next, be on the look out for ceiling stains as it usually indicates that there is a water leak somewhere. Make sure that the landlord or homeowner is able to locate the leak and rectify the problem long before you move in. A water leak is also very unsightly so if your landlord is able to paint or replace the ceiling then by all means allow him to do so.

Leaks can also lead to molding which can start on your ceiling and end up on your walls. In addition to the molding are bloated walls and not to mention the unpleasant musty odor. This is a huge red flag and you should perhaps think about renting or moving elsewhere since this problem usually does not get rectified overnight or even in a few months. Musty odors from molds can also lead to medical problems, those of which you really do not need to deal with. Moving companies would also tell you not to ignore the smell of bleach or any other cleaning agents as soon as you hit the door of your home since this indicates that the landlord may be trying to mask an offensive smell.

Finally, as you do your inspection, if you see one insect crawling around, this could mean that there are more around. Rodents and bedbugs can also make your new life very uncomfortable, more so when they start going into your foodstuff and clothing. Have the landlord call in a professional pest control company to ensure that you do not have an insect or rodent infestation.