Packing Supply Description

Cartons Items Description Dimensions
Dish Pack Extra strength cartons for packing your dishes, china, and crystal 18x18x27
Book Cartons (1.5cu) These small, sturdy cartons are ideal for packing books, records, and household tools 12x18x18
Medium Cartons (3.0cu) Just the right container for pots, pans, kitchen utilities, stereo components, linens and blankets, and wardrobe accessories like shoes and handbags 18x18x18
Large Cartons (4.5cu) Perfect for packing fragile bulky items like lamps, lampshades, magazine racks,
and photo frames. Can also be used for towels and lightweight
Extra Large Cartons (6.0cu) Ideal for linens, blankets, comforters, and other “white” items 20x20x20
Keep glass tabletops, mirrors, framed paintings, and prints in tip-top
Adjusts to various sizes
Wardrobe Containers The easiest method for transporting your clothes wrinkle-free.  Our
wardrobe cartons come with a metal bar to hang clothing from closet to
carton to closet.  Easily holds 25 blouses and shirts, 10 to 15 suits
and coats
Other Packing Supplies Description Dimensions
Tape Secure your cartons with sealing tape 110 yds. per roll
Unprinted Paper Do away with messy newspaper ink by using our special unprinted packing
50 lbs. per bundle
Bubble Wrap Special bubble plastic to cushion fragile items. Available by the roll. Bubble plastic is perforated every
18 inches
125 feet per roll, perforated every 12″
Brown Pad “Brown bag” material with a layer of foam in the center.  Ideal for
placing items in storage or extra protection
Sold by the bundle